December 1, 2021

Fringe Paper Lion Costume


  • Lion Ear template
  • Card Stock
  • Yellow paper
  • Yellow zip-front hoodie
  • Seamripper
  • 5/8-inch yellow ribbon, 44 inches long
  • Fringed paper drape (tissue fringe drape, 15″ by 10′, in Golden Yellow, $6.50,
  • Stapler
  • Tissue-fringe garland (creative craft tissue fringe, 12′, $2,
  • Yellow leggings
  • Tissue grass mat (tissue grass mat, in Golden Yellow, $3.75,
  • Adhesive, such as Magna-Tac
  • Tape
  • Large safety pin


  1. Download and print ear template onto card stock. Trace onto paper twice, cut out, and fold as indicated.
  2. Remove hoodie’s zipper with seam ripper. Tie or pin ribbon to one end of hoodie drawstring and pull drawstring out, leaving ribbon.
  3. Trim waistband from hoodie. Cut a piece of fringed paper drape to measure 6 inches longer than cut edge of hoodie. Reserve extra. Align white-seamed edge of drape with cut edge, as shown, inset; staple all the way around.
  4. Cut 2 pieces of fringe garland to desired tail length. Staple together lengthwise. Staple bit of reserved fringed drape to one end. Staple other end to bottom edge of hoodie.
  5. Wrap fringe garland around cuffs of hoodie and leggings. Staple in place.
  6. Put hoodie on wearer and pull up hood. Place tissue grass mat over hood, trim to size, and glue in place. Thread ends of ribbon through mat. Stick ears into mat and tape in place. Wrap hoodie closed and safety-pin in place.

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